Silicone implants: How much Greek women love them and how much they harm them

 For what reasons do Greek women choose breast augmentation and how safe should they feel with silicone inserts placed on their breasts

It is estimated that in our country 1500 breast augmentation operations are performed annually according to the data from the companies that supply implants to the Greek market.

As far as the sociological profile of women is concerned, this is not clear. A woman’s breast is a symbol of femininity, which generally concerns every woman. The majority of women regardless of sociological profile are interested in the image of their breasts because it is a strong symbol of their femininity.

In terms of age groups, there are different ages and different reasons why women have this surgery. Women in their early 20s who realize that their breasts are small and would like a slightly larger or a fuller breast or a more symmetrical one or a breast that is aesthetically nicer and better than what they have inherited.

One age group is women who have had a family and have completed the process of childbearing, as a result of which they wish to restore their breasts to the image they had before pregnancy or childbirth, while a third age group is women who are in the menopause or menopause and their breasts are subject to various variations.

These are mainly the three solar groups of women who are considering breast plastic surgery. There is also a fourth group of women who have undergone breast surgery due to neoplasms in the context of restoring the aesthetic image of the breast.

The most frequent reasons women choose breast plastic surgery

The main reason is the woman’s desire to have a nicer breast. The mental state of the woman who wishes to have such an operation varies, but it is good that the decision for the operation is taken under a state of mental calmness and that it is conscious and done with a logical approach to the issue and not under psychological pressure.

Regarding the psychological profile of the women who choose the operation, they are undoubtedly women who want a better image of their breasts and their overall appearance. Regarding the operation and pressure from the male gender there are two different approaches. There are cases where women’s partners participate in this process and many times they push their wives into such an operation or facilitate them in making the decision to do it and there is a second category of men who have a denial about it here , prevent their wives and are generally opposed to this operation for their own reasons. In any case, if the woman wishes to have such an operation and is in a stable relationship, in general it would be good to have the acceptance of the husband or partner because it ensures a better procedure both pre-operatively and post-operatively and this is useful for the woman and about her psychology and how she herself will accept the “new” breast.

What are the most frequently used plugins already

The most frequently used already according to the available data are the round inserts with a tracheal surface, which are generally safe so that they give a good long-term result. As for the natural result, it is multifactorial in nature, not only the silicone insert ensures a natural result. This is mainly ensured by the surgery by the technique chosen by the doctor and by the technique of placing the insert. Neither the technique alone, nor the insert alone can give a natural result. The correct technique with the correct breast insert will give a natural result. These three factors, i.e. the breast and its appearance before the operation, how the woman wants her breast to be, the implant and the surgical technique that will be chosen are the ones that will give the right result. The correct communication between the patient and the doctor is guaranteed in order to have a good result in general. Of course, the training of the doctor, his correct choices, the type, quality, and size of the insert and finally the technique that will be chosen to be performed on each patient. Each case must be individualized so that we can have a good and natural result.

Are silicone inserts dangerous?

More generally there is a debate regarding silicone and breast cancer. However, there is no breast cancer link to silicone implants – if there is one type of implant that is currently being blamed it is a benign form of lymphoma. which is rarely encountered in a minimal number of cases worldwide. It’s something that generally shouldn’t worry people in the context that the implant industry is vigilant and constantly trying to investigate each incident and improve the products so that they become completely safe. A very small number of cases of the development of anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL) have been reported worldwide after the placement of certain types of silicone which have now been withdrawn from the market. The silicones that were blamed are no longer on the market. We must also clarify that we are not talking about breast cancer, but about a type of benign lymphoma that has been observed in very few cases worldwide.

What are the new trends in breast plastic surgery?

More generally, because Plastic Surgery in Greece is at a very high level, any trend that exists abroad is found almost simultaneously in Greece. We are not talking about trends waiting to come in the coming years, Greek plastic surgeons follow everything that is announced or discovered. The specific branch has great growth, while the knowledge field of Greek plastic surgeons is at a very high level. The trends in general are for a more natural effect on the breast, which will exude health and beauty. This is generally the trend as far as the beauty industry is concerned, which is constantly moving towards more earthy and more natural standards.

At the recent conference in Leiden, the Netherlands, the safety of breast implants and their effect on society, on the psychological profile of women, as well as the fact that women are seeking such an operation more and more frequently, claiming a better life, were mainly discussed. This was a key issue so we thoroughly looked at the statistics and what data is currently available on the safety of this procedure for the safety of the products that are the implants that are produced where the global industry is making sure they are constantly made safer.


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