Vampire Lifting or Autologous Mesotherapy

Autologous Mesotherapy is the new weapon of plastic surgery in matters of non-invasive medical cosmetology.

Vampire Lift Autologous Mesotherapy is the best known mesotherapy in Medical Aesthetics & Dermatology. It is a “natural” treatment that utilizes the activated platelets of our blood, in order to release the autologous growth factors, which activate the fibroblasts, which in turn multiply, thus repairing the damaged tissue, its tone, the its elasticity as well as the process of new collagen formation.

Autologous mesotherapy is performed using our own data, hence the name autologous. It is chosen by the majority of patients, as the result of the treatment creates a feeling of security.

How is Autologous Mesotherapy applied?

A simple blood test is performed where we take a small amount of blood. The blood is separated after a special centrifugation process, with the plasma and platelets occupying the upper part of the vial and the red and white cells occupying the bottom. The plasma is divided into poor and (PRP) rich in platelets. The plasma rich in concentrated platelets is what is injected in the treatment. Autologous growth factors help create new collagen, thus achieving radiance and skin that radiates health. The application of mesotherapy helps to activate fibroblasts to produce new collagen and new elastin from the cells of the skin after 3 weeks, visible results are observed and improve with any repeat sessions.

Face application:

Autologous Mesotherapy aims to activate the cells that are responsible for the production of collagen and elastin and by extension its aim is to restore the elasticity and overall vitality of the skin. It significantly contributes to the reduction of wrinkles, regenerates, moisturizes and tightens the skin. It also helps to a great extent in smoothing acne scars, stretch marks, while also reducing discolorations as melanocytes are stimulated which produce melanin evenly. It has been loved and has emerged as the jewel of cosmetic medicine, rightly winning impressions by acting against aging with minimal pain and without unwanted side effects.

It is effective and gives naturally:

Areas of application:

How many visits are needed?

Usually three applications are needed, with an interval of one month between them, and then the effect is maintained with once every six months.
It is done in the doctor’s office, it is safe, painless and very economical compared to other invasive methods whose goal is collagen production.

Cost of Treatment

Non-injectable autologous Mesotherapy with Dermapen: 150 euros

Simple autologous Mesotherapy: 250 euros

Double autologous Mesotherapy: 300 euros

Enhanced autologous Mesotherapy: 350 euros

Autologous Mesotherapy, where it is chosen daily as a regeneration and anti-aging treatment, can be combined with non-invasive treatments to maximize results such as Dermapen, Dermabrasion Treatment, Fractional CO2 as well as other materials such as vitamins, hyaluronic acid, hydroxyapatite, amino acid telopeptides, etc.

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