Eporex mesotherapy

The Unique Mesotherapy System Without Injections, With 2 Worldwide Patented Technologies.

How does it work;

Medical Technology’s unique patented Isophoresis technology, based in part on electrophoresis, creates a special low-frequency, variable-waveform electric current for consistent deep penetration of substances.

Body mesotherapy can be done on the buttocks, abdomen, thighs, knees and arms if you want to avoid any other type of invasive treatment. The firming and fat-dissolving substances used, such as carnitine, various amino acids, antioxidant agents and vitamins, are administered through a special advanced device (Eporex), which channels them to the required depth of the skin. The treatment is simple, fast, painless and without side effects, and with immediate results.

Duration 40-60′
Frequency 1 time per week 6 to 8 sessions

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