Genital Bleaching and Anti-Aging With Co2

The new method that offers uniform appearance and brightness is the C02 laser.

One of the reasons many women seek vulvar bleaching is because they want to give their genitals a more youthful appearance. The truth is that the accumulation of melanin combined with the loosening of the vulva lips gives them a more aged appearance. The procedure is performed by a medical specialist or a dermatologist who knows the anatomy of the genitals and applies the laser externally to the vulva. We use special energy specific to the area and usually requires local anaesthesia with the application of anaesthetic cream. The result is visible after a few days when new skin with an even tone has been regenerated.

Anal bleaching-the procedure

The application of the laser for vulvar-prostate bleaching is performed in the same way, with the help of local anesthesia (anesthetic cream). The light beam creates a very small wound that is not easily visible and leads to the production of new collagen and elastin. The new leather, which is uniform in appearance, takes the place of the old leather, which was darker.

Laser whitening-safety

Unlike bleaching creams that are irritating, caustic and can even cause a burn and must be used for a long time, the C02 laser for vulvar-prostate bleaching is a safe tool in the hands of the gynecologist. Our specialty makes us knowledgeable about the anatomy of the area and combined with our experience in the use of the dioxide laser machine, we offer excellent results in vulvar-prostate bleaching. The procedure is safe, and the laser beam helps to regenerate new skin within the next period of time.

The procedure takes about 30 minutes and the result is visible and complete within one session. There are no incisions, no stitches, no gauze. After vulva-spot whitening you can return to your activities. In the next period you may experience mild swelling which will subside. It is advisable to use a regenerating cream for faster healing.

Duration of Treatment:20′-30′

Point of application:Neck – Forehead – Armpits – Inner thighs – Elbows

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