Maxillofacial surgery - Pogonoplasty

A) Invasive method

Jaw surgery can readjust or realign the jaw. Progonoplasty can be done on the upper jaw, the lower jaw, or both.

This surgery may also be called:

There are several reasons why jaw surgery may be needed. For example, through rhinoplasty there is the possibility to adjust a misaligned bite due to abnormal growth of the jaw, to restore an injury or to improve the aesthetic image of a patient and, by extension, to increase his self-confidence.

The surgery is usually done inside your mouth, so there will be no scars on the chin, jaw or around the mouth. However, sometimes small incisions may be made outside your mouth, depending on the case. The surgeon makes cuts in the jawbones and moves them into the correct position.

Genioplasty is generally considered a relatively simple operation, lasting no more than 1 to 1.5 hours and requiring no overnight stay in the clinic. Always depending on the technique to be applied, recovery is quite easy, but in the case of sternotomy it is longer and relatively more painful.

Post-operatively, antibiotics are given as a precaution for the first few days, while any discomfort is treated with simple painkillers. For the first post-operative period, it is recommended to pay attention to the consumption of hard foods as well as some more precautionary instructions that the Plastic Surgeon will give and they must be followed reverently for a good recovery.

B) non-invasive method (with injectable Hyaluronic acid)

The use of Hyaluronic acid of increased density can provide a solution in cases where the problem is not too severe and you just need an enhancement of the volume in the jaw area. The Hyaluronic Acid used to increase the size of the chin is a gel of increased density, which is injected with special microcannulas and gives volume to the area, depending on the specific needs.

After the injection, the doctor stretches and shapes it to take the desired shape and to cover the imperfections of the area. The resulting results are excellent as the shape of the chin is drastically improved under total control. The results of the application usually last 15 to 18 months, after which one can choose whether to repeat the procedure or let the Hyaluronic acid be completely absorbed by the body.

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