NanoPeeling What is;

Nanopeeling is designed to provide significant rejuvenation to the skin, without the side effects of traditional chemical peels. Thanks to the advancement of nanotechnology, the active ingredients of nanopeeling are incorporated into special nanocapsules and easily transported to the skin’s target cells. When the nanopeeling ingredients reach their target, they slowly release their active ingredients, noticeably improving skin’s brightness, firmness and youthfulness.

Thanks to its targeted action, nanopeeling can direct its active substances to the points where discolouration, spots or freckles appear, and with the help of its whitening agents, discolour them, restoring the skin’s uniformity.

In addition, there are specific nanopeeling protocols to treat acne and its scars, as well as to treat rosacea.

It is suitable for any type of skin, both for the face and for various areas of the body (neck, décolletage, areas with stretch marks).Editor Depending on the needs of each skin, a different protocol is followed that provides for the combination of different substances.

Application Process


First, your appropriate peeling is selected, while the face is cleaned of dirt and make-up.


A special protection product is applied to the sensitive areas of the face (eyes, lips, nostrils). This is followed by the application of peeling, which is spread in layers with a special brush.


Wait for a few minutes for the peeling to dry on your face and then you can apply your make-up normally and leave.

General information

  • Treatment Time: 15-20 minutes
  • Duration of Result: Up to 4 months
  • Pain Level: Totally tolerable
  • When the result is visible: After 1-2 weeks
  • Technique: Bloodless
    Anesthesia: None
  • Recovery time: Mild redness for a few hours. Immediate return to daily activities.

Useful tips

Instructions after facial peeling

The products stay on the face for 6-8 hours. Then, rinse them with plenty of water and you can apply your cosmetic products normally.

After 2-3 days, you will notice peeling of the skin, which will last for about 3 days. It’s completely normal. You can make frequent use of a moisturizing or regenerating cream to overcome the peeling stage.

Nanopeelings VS Chemical Peelings

The revolutionary technology of nanopeelings allows them to transport their active ingredients to the deeper layers of the skin and release them to the target cells. Thanks to their high level of penetration and controlled release, smaller amounts of active substances are used, thus avoiding the unpleasant side effects of traditional chemical facial peeling, such as possible burns, intense peeling, redness, dry skin, etc.

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