Laser acne scar restoration


Scars form as part of the skin’s healing process whenever layers of skin are injured. A scar can be the result of an accident, surgery, a burn or even severe acne. 

Non-invasive fractional laser applications do not require anesthesia, as they are not painful and the patient does not need recovery time. For most patients, approximately four to five sessions are required. The results, always depending on the severity of the scar, can be quite spectacular. The improvement is gradual and continues even after the treatments are over.
Laser treatment gives your doctor precise control as it gently ‘vaporizes’ damaged or scarred skin to reveal the smooth, fresh skin underneath. Scars are removed in a fast, precise and bloodless way achieving excellent results. If the application is to be done on a limited area, then a simple local anesthesia before using the laser is necessary.

The types of lasers that we can use depending on the problem of each patient are:

  • Laser fractional CO2
  • Laser fractional erbium (sellas)
  • Laser microneedling rf

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