CelluErase - Fight Cellulitis


CelluErase is an innovative cellulite treatment with microsurgical removal. The results are excellent and are achieved in just one session, even in grade 3 cellulite, where the familiar orange peel appearance can be seen without a pinch test and without sitting or lying down.

CelluErase aims to treat and repair fibrotic skin damage, resulting from the alteration of the network of connective tissue strands that bind the dermis to the deeper layers. Female patients with cellulite have the characteristic appearance of skin that resembles an orange peel.

A reduction of the fibers is observed, with the result that the skin covering the disputed area is deepened (goes in), thus creating the localized impressions. A microsurgical handle with a flattened knife at its free end is the tool of choice.

With this process, the skin recovers its texture. At the same time, an improvement in microcirculation is observed. CelluErase is a brand new treatment that is the most effective yet presented in the fight against cellulite. Impressive results are achieved in a single session, no repeats are required and pain is minimal as local anesthetic treatment is applied!

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