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Health Laser Clinic in collaboration with health life coach Ioannis Tzanakos provides life coaching services.

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How it started:

My fascination with naturopathy and understanding how the body works began at the age of 11. I came down with a childhood illness, I was given the choice to either fight it naturally or just take medicine and antibiotics like my brother had done a while back. I chose the natural path and it changed the way I live forever. Maybe my personal journey and experience can help and inspire. Nothing is more important than our health and well-being. We don’t want it to be lost before we appreciate its value.

The Theory 

Observation is the ability to look deeply into any given situation, to be able to zoom in and simultaneously zoom out to understand the bigger picture.
The whole picture.
Be able to see ahead. A prediction of all possible outcomes and results.
Approach each situation holistically.
Every angle should be examined to find the root cause and deal with it in the best possible way. Before it becomes a permanent problem.
We live in a fast paced world, our lifestyle has to adapt to it. Sometimes neglecting basic health principles is a consequence. Sometimes we can lose our balance.
Today there are so many paths and products that claim to reach optimal health.
We are constantly bombarded with labels: vegan, palio, keto, fasting, strict diets, raw foods, supplements, alternative therapies, classical medicine or biohacking…

Which one is right for you?
Let’s try to find out together.

Your health journey is up to you. Commitment, accurate knowledge, a thorough understanding of what is required to reach your goal, a well-planned path you will have chosen, decisive action, consistency, discipline, a willingness to stick to it, are all necessary to build a healthy lifestyle. of life.
Your unique way to build and maintain a healthy way.
Which you constantly adjust, and improve as you go.

The philosophy behind it: 

The 7 doctors you should visit every day.
– You are what you eat
– Prevention is better than cure.
–  Less is more.
– What you put in is what you get out.
– The Laconian/Spartan approach.
– The longevity study of the blue belt of Ikaria.
– Building healthy habits and routines.
– The ripple effect/butterfly effect 
– Consistency is key
– All in moderation

What to expect? 

After a thorough examination of your history, we will show you how to find the best possible path to optimal health tailored to your individual situation, without huge invasive, unrealistic changes in your life.

Together we will figure out how to better “fit” everything you are already doing, what is within your capabilities and already around you, in the best possible way.

Your will,
ability to change, adapt.
Your time, energy and
hard work
it is what will lead you to the desired point.

How do I start?

Once you sign up you will watch a short video.
Complete the questionnaire form for a detailed description of your background and expected goals.
Then we will set up a virtual meeting for a 1 to 1 web conference and figure out how to best start your journey step by step.

And that’s all.

Every great journey begins with a small step

I look forward to helping you as you start yours.

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