Radio Frequencies (R/F)

What is?

The treatment with RF radio frequencies is a “2 in 1” method, as it effectively treats two main aesthetic issues: epidermal relaxation and local thickness, while it is considered non-invasive, is painless and suitable for all skin types. It is an enjoyable but at the same time very active method, which is perceived as a warm massage, but in reality its action reaches the deeper layers of the skin. It immediately offers a rejuvenated look and as the sessions progress, gives a visible facelift.


In the treatment against local fat and by extension cellulite, the deeper layers of the skin are heated to a temperature which increases local blood circulation, resulting in tissue oxygenation and the elimination of carbon dioxide and toxins. It also stimulates the drainage of fat reserves in the lymphatic system, promotes the permeability of fibrous tissue and finally favors the reduction of fat cell volume. During the treatment, the thermal action accelerates the production of collagen and favors the contraction of its fibers, restructuring and tightening the skin. With radio frequencies, the increase in temperature occurs internally and throughout the body mass. It follows a path from the inside to the surface of the skin and thus the chances of superficial burns during the treatment are zero.

Before treatment

In the treatment area, dermal fillers, such as collagen implants, should not have been previously applied. Avoid anything that may irritate your skin immediately before the treatment. This includes sunbathing, as well as artificial tanning (solarium).

After treatment

There is no restriction on the application of make-up after the treatment. 
To relieve any redness, it is recommended to apply a moisturizing cream or a cold compress.

It is recommended to drink plenty of fluids to flush out toxins.

Exposure to the sun is allowed, but with the use of the necessary sun protection.

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