Mommy makeover - what is it?

Total recovery and recovery after pregnancy


Many women, who have given birth and breastfed a baby, see their body changing and feel the need to restore it to its previous state, mainly for aesthetic reasons, in order to regain their confidence and feel like women again – apart from mothers.

The “mommy makeover” is one of the most popular combined methods of plastic surgery, designed specifically to address the problems faced by women who have gone through the stages of pregnancy and breastfeeding. Images of popular Hollywood stars with flat bellies and breasts… in place shortly after giving birth haunt the dreams of many women who say “why not me too”

It is no coincidence that this particular surgical technique ranks high among the most popular surgical procedures.

The “mommy makeover” offers an overall improvement in the body image, which usually changes after a pregnancy, with a specialized combination of bodycontouring techniques, suitable for each woman individually, based on her personal needs and peculiarities.

The plastic surgeon deals with each case individually, with respect to the personal needs of each woman in the specific period of time, when she tries to redefine her position and her wants…

The surgical approach generally begins with breast reconstruction surgery. Either with a breast lift, or with breast augmentation with implants.

The abdomen is then restored, with the method of liposuction or the combination of abdominoplasty. Then all the necessary steps are added, which will ensure the optimal result. The most important step is the detailed planning and assessment of each patient’s needs so that the interventional plan can be carried out.

During pregnancy, a woman’s body changes significantly. Changes are made, both in her body weight and in her hormonal system, which significantly affects her and creates changes in her external appearance as well.

During the entire pregnancy, of course, these changes are of little importance, in front of the miracle that is performed. However, when the woman gives birth to her baby and her life returns to a normal rhythm, the changes she notices may make her feel that she has lost something of her womanhood, something of her femininity.

The breast after the lactation period and breastfeeding can lose its firmness. The abdominal area may show sagging or stretch marks. Some extra pounds may accumulate in places that were not there before and, in general, the image she has of her body does not satisfy her.

For some women this is unimportant. For others, however, it is of crucial importance for their psychological state. In these cases, Plastic Surgery can intervene significantly.

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