Laser for stretch marks


Stretch marks are one of the most common aesthetic problems faced by modern women and in some cases also a percentage of men.

Stretch marks are created when our skin receives too much tension, resulting in the destruction of the skin’s collagen and elastin. Among the most common situations, for example, are large fluctuations in weight, as well as a pregnancy. Of course, skin type and heredity play an important role.

Stretch marks are divided into 2 categories, red and white. Red ones appear in the early stages of collagen destruction, are more recent stretch marks and are most effectively treated with the use of various treatments. White ones are the irreversible damage of collagen, they are older stretch marks and require more persistence to be treated to a satisfactory degree.

Ways to Treat Stretch Marks:

  • With VBeam® LASER, i.e. laser for treating stretch marks and marks due to vessels, trauma, sun and age. It is non-invasive, does not pierce or remove layers of skin.
  • With Fractional laser, i.e. lasers that use fractional photothermolysis. When we say fractional photothermolysis we mean that they leave healthy tissue in between which will ultimately help healing. Such a laser is the Sellas (Erbium at 1550nm)
  • With Carboxy Therapy, i.e. with the subcutaneous infusion of carbon dioxide (CO2), where we actually cause our body to react with a hyperoxygenation, resulting in the improvement of blood microcirculation in the tissues, ‘ expanding the production of new collagen and ultimately the effective smoothing of stretch marks.

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