No. 1 non-invasive treatment to eliminate local fat 

Cryolipolysis is undoubtedly the most revolutionary technology of the last decade in the field of medical aesthetics. It is the first and only non-invasive method of eliminating local fat in a permanent way. It is the method that can finally rid you of buns, lifebuoy, double chin and any other unsightly area of localized fat on your body without the need for surgery. It is a pleasant treatment that gives you in one session what you have been trying to fix for a lifetime!

The treatment is applied by specialized medical personnel and with certified medical materials.
It is Approved by the European & American Drug Agency

Fix your body shape forever! See the change you’ve always wanted!

What is cryolipolysis?

Cryolipolysis is the ideal and unique method of combating local fat in a painless and safe way. It allows you to easily and painlessly correct your body shape once and for all. Its advanced technology allows it to target fat cells without affecting the surrounding tissues. It works exclusively with the help of cold, from where it gets its name, and it has no effect on the skin, nor on your daily activities! Not only do you not waste time, but you also gain, especially if you belong to the category of those who spend several hours every week in the gym fighting a futile battle against localized fat. With cryolipolysis, it only takes one hour of your time to get rid of localized fat permanently.

General information

  • Cure Time: 1 hour
  • Duration of Effect: Forever where applied
  • There is no pain or side effect.
  • Session Fees start per application
    from €300
  • When the result is visible: In 1-3 months
  • The Recovery Duration is
    Zero. You have an immediate return to your activities

How does cryolipolysis work?

Cryolipolysis exploits the weak point of fat cells: their sensitivity to cold. Harvard Dermatology professors found that targeted cooling of fat cells to a temperature of -9 degrees Celsius causes them to crystallize and die naturally, without affecting the surrounding skin tissues. This scientific finding came after a simple observation: the children who consumed a lot of granite, appeared dimples on their cheeks!

Once the fat cells crystallize, the normal mechanism of their removal from the body (apoptosis) via the lymphatic system is activated. The result; Within 2-3 months, the fat layer in the treatment area is reduced by 25-45%!

The process of eliminating fat cells

Local obesity is due to increased fat cells in an area, so it resists no matter how much diet or exercise you do, permanently disrupting the harmony of the body.

Cryolipolysis heads cool the local fat area to -9 to -11 degrees Celsius. It has been proven that at this temperature fat cells do not survive, while on the contrary the rest of the tissues are not affected.

Fat cells freeze, crystallize and die. Immediately, the process of eliminating them from the body (apoptosis) through the lymphatic system begins. The fat is eliminated naturally like the fat in foods.

As the crystallized fat cells are eliminated, the remaining fat cells in the area shrink. You won’t notice significant weight loss, but the treatment area will “pick up” spectacularly in points!

Within 2-3 months, the elimination of fat cells is completed and the fat layer in the treatment area is reduced by 25-45%. The body looks more harmonious now. And the most important; The result is permanent!

Harmonious body forever

With cryolipolysis you can correct your body shape forever. Smooth those fat cells that, despite diet and exercise efforts, remain undiminished.

The important advantage of cryolipolysis is that it manages to reduce the number of excess fat cells, which are responsible for the image of local fat in some part of the body. This means that even if you gain weight in the future, the fat will be distributed evenly throughout the body and will not take up more volume in places where previously more fat cells were accumulated. In short, with cryolipolysis the body becomes forever more harmonious.

Areas of application

With cryolipolysis, any spot of localized fat can be eliminated without any limitations. This is made possible by the different heads of the device, which can be perfectly applied to any area, curve or angle of the body, and offer a natural, even result.

Double chin


Gynecomastia in men

Back fat and around the bra (bra fat)

Lumps and fat under the buttocks

Inner and outer thighs

Belly (life jacket)

Waist sides

Knees and calves



After photographing the body, the doctor takes the necessary measurements in the area of local thickness.


This is followed by the formulation of the treatment plan by drawing the area with a special black pencil.


At this stage, you lie down comfortably. The doctor applies a special protective film to the treatment area.


Depending on the point of accumulation and the volume of local fat, the doctor selects and applies the appropriate size of heads.


The treatment lasts one hour. During this time you can surf the Internet, watch TV or relax and fall asleep.


Once the treatment is completed, the heads are removed and a few minutes of light massage of the area follows with circular movements to break the crystallized fat cells and start their elimination from the body. Right after that, you’re ready to go. Your next appointment will be scheduled in two months to re-measure and determine how many points you have lost!

After treatment

For the first three days, gently massage the treatment area once a day for five minutes.

Increase water consumption to 2-2.5 liters per day to promote the elimination of toxins and fat cells.

Keep your body weight stable for at least 2 months, or until you are rechecked at the doctor’s office.

The benefits of treatment

Painless method, short procedure 

Definitive result with one session

Addressing each area of local thickness

Different application heads

Natural, uniform effect

Safe process with FDA approval

Permanent result with just one session!

Immediately after the end of the treatment, the elimination of fat cells through the lymphatic system begins. About 2-3 weeks later, you will feel more comfortable wearing your clothes in the treatment area. The process of eliminating fat cells takes about 2-3 months, during which the result will constantly improve. In 3 months, you will be able to enjoy the final result, which lasts forever!

Cryolipolysis offers a permanent result with one session. The elimination of excess fat cells is definitive from the body. The fat layer in the treatment area is reduced by 25-45% and the body acquires more harmonious proportions.

4 reasons to choose cryolipolysis with the Medicool System machine

360 Surround Maximum Coverage cooling mechanism for maximum coverage and elimination of fat volume 

Certain fat cell destruction with 20% stronger area suction and cooling temperature down to -11oC

Faster treatment thanks to dual application heads that allow simultaneous treatment of two areas

Natural body contouring without unevenness in the skin and without epidermal relaxation

Losing points from exactly where you want!

Cryolipolysis VS Liposuction

Until 2010, the only method to definitively treat localized fat was invasive liposuction. The revolutionary technology of cryolipolysis has come to change the facts, offering a painless lunch time treatment that only has benefits for you.

  • PROCEDURE: Bloodless
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • TREATMENT: Midamin
  • RESULT: Permanent
  • FIELD OF APPLICATION: Doctor’s office Admission to a nursing institution
  • ANESTHESIA: General anesthesia
  • PROCEDURE: Small incisions
  • DURATION: 2-3 hours of surgery and 1 overnight stay
  • TREATMENT: Administration of analgesic and antibiotic drugs in the first days
  • CORSET USE: For 1-2 months
  • RESULT: Permanent



Cryolipolysis can cause sagging.


Skin relaxation is a possible side effect only of classic invasive liposuction, which is a more “violent” method of removing fat cells, as a large amount of excess fat is sucked through a cannula. Cryolipolysis cannot cause sagging of the skin. Fat cells are eliminated gradually over a period of 2-3 months, giving sufficient time for the skin to adapt, thanks to its elasticity. In addition, the cooling of the area during the treatment causes an inflammation in the tissues, which results in the stimulation of collagen production and therefore the strengthening of the skin’s firmness. At the same time, as localized fat is eliminated, existing collagen fibers find more free space to expand and better support the skin.

MYTH: I will lose weight with cryolipolysis. TRUTH: Cryolipolysis is not a slimming method, but a treatment to combat local obesity. That’s why you won’t lose kilos, but points! Therefore, suitable candidates are people who are within normal weight levels (no more than 10-15 kg) and have localized fat. To find out if you have enough fat, then try doing the “pinch test” and see if you can pinch the area that is bothering you with your index finger and thumb. If you can do it, so can the cryolipolysis head! Note: Cryolipolysis is applied to areas with subcutaneous fat. It cannot fight the visceral fat that is sometimes present in the abdomen and surrounds the internal organs.

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