Carboxy therapy - what is it?

It is a medical procedure where with a special machine we inject into the subcutaneous tissue and
skin carbon dioxide gas (CO2)


Improves the elasticity of the skin, the image of dark circles,
stretch marks, reduces the appearance of cellulite, destroys the accumulated local
fat, improves the appearance of fine wrinkles and activates collagen,
increases microcirculation and helps with hair loss and even erectile dysfunction
dysfunction, for tinnitus and migraines.


Depending on the treated area a different number is required
repetitions. 1 to 2 visits per week for 6 to 10 total sessions is the
average. The best timed application does not limit only delays the desired result.

The duration is 10-20 on the face, 20-40 on the body
Recommendation for repetition every 6 months to maintain the result

Pain: It does not hurt, there is a feeling of pressure, swelling which subsides in 5-10 minutes

Side effects: Only bruising at the injection site. Carboxy exploits a
normal metabolic process of our body, the change of oxygen and
dioxide in the tissues and does not create any side effects. Therefore it is not toxic
even in high doses as the Excess Dioxide will be expelled from the
organism normally.

Contraindications: Renal failure, epilepsy, thrombophlebitis, myocarditis, angina pectoris,
apneas, gangrene, bruises, pregnancy.

It is a new innovative method of treating dark circles under the eyes, cellulite and stretch marks. Through a special device, the doctor injects medical CO2 gas in a controlled manner, with adjustment of the dosage and depth of injection. Essentially, by injecting CO2, we cause our body to react with hyperoxygenation, resulting in the improvement of blood microcirculation in the tissues and, by extension, the production of new collagen. Thus it gives a smoother and firmer skin, with a visibly improved texture and appearance when applied to the body and when applied to the face, due to the better oxygenation in the area under the eyes, new blood cells are created, which restore the capillaries softening the black color. The look thus looks clearly younger, more alive and rested.

The number of sessions the person will need will depend on the extent of the problem as well as where the treatment will be applied.

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