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See your skin change and your body become younger, brighter and firmer.
Reshape Body and feel Younger and more beautiful!

RF radio frequencies are a revolutionary body contouring treatment, designed mainly to tighten the skin and eliminate localized fat, but also to improve the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. It is a pleasant and at the same time active treatment, which has the feeling of pleasant heat, but has the ability to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin to offer enhanced antiaging action!


RF radiofrequency is a proven non-invasive treatment that can be applied to most areas of the body and simultaneously combat skin laxity and localized thickness. Thanks to advanced technology, RF radio frequencies direct thermal energy to the deeper layers of the skin where they raise the temperature to 41-43 degrees Celsius. Automatically, the collagen fibers contract and the skin immediately looks brighter and firmer. At the same time, the high temperature stimulates collagenogenesis, resulting in fresh collagen providing long-term spectacular tightening of the skin and connective tissue. The skin becomes softer, tighter and younger.

At the same time, the radio frequencies also act on the fatty tissue where the increased temperature dissolves the fat cells, liquefies the fat and stimulates their elimination from the body, resulting in the fight against local obesity. The combination of treating skin laxity and local fat offers a total body contouring effect in a completely natural and safe way.

General information

  • The Treatment Time is 20-40 minutes. Usually 8-10 sessions are required, which take place every 10-15 days
  • Duration of Result can be Up to years
  • Very pleasant and painless treatment.
  • The result is visible immediately and is perfected at the end of the sessions
  • The recovery time is zero, as you immediately return to your activities
  • The treatment is applied by specialized medical personnel with certified medical materials.
  • It is approved by the European & American Drug Agency
  • Certified for the best treatment for epidermal relaxation


 The treatment is applied with the certified Accent device that is approved by the American Food and Drug Administration and is the only one that combines two types of radio frequency technology: unipolar and bipolar radio frequencies.

This advanced dual technology allows the device to controllably target two different tissue depths and achieve simultaneous tightening and lipolysis. The treatment is like a delightful warm massage. Each pass of the device over the skin gradually increases the internal temperature, while the integrated cooling mechanism protects the skin. A few passes are enough to reach the desired temperature of 41-43 degrees Celsius.

Monopolar radio frequencies have the ability to penetrate 20mm deep, where the fat tissue is located, and increase local metabolism and burns by 110%. At this temperature, the membrane of the fat cells breaks down and the elimination of fat begins. As the body is unable to create new fat cells, the specific treatment area is permanently sculpted!

Bipolar radio frequencies, on the other hand, act more superficially at a depth of only 2-6 millimeters, where the dermis and subcutaneous tissue are located. The heat energy causes collagen fibers to contract and stimulates fibroblasts to work hard to produce fresh collagen, providing deep hydration, renewal and firming of the skin, while improving the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite!

Tightening, lipolysis and body contouring at the same time!


Combination of unipolar and bipolar radio frequencies 

Simultaneous treatment of relaxation and local thickness

Painless application thanks to an integrated cooling mechanism

Maximum precision in depth targeting through digital adjustment

Digital skin temperature measurement throughout application

Safe method with European CE certification and US FDA approval



After the skin is cleaned, the doctor divides the treatment area into zones with a white pencil. He then selects and fits the appropriate head to the device and applies a special cream to the skin that allows the head to glide better.


Depending on the point and purpose of the treatment, the doctor adjusts the intensity and depth of action of the radio frequencies on the digital screen of the device. If the goal is lipolysis, then the depth is adjusted to about 20 millimeters so that the thermal energy acts on the fatty tissue, while if the purpose of the treatment is tightening, then the action is focused more superficially at a depth of only 2-6 millimeters.


Aiming to reach the desired temperature of 41-43 degrees Celsius, the doctor makes repeated passes with the head over the treatment area, following zig-zag or circular movements. With a special digital thermometer, it monitors the increase in temperature on the skin. The movement of the head is constant so that the heat is spread evenly throughout the area. In general, the desired temperature is reached within 2-3 minutes of application and then the aim is to keep it consistently high for a few minutes so that the RF radio frequencies can achieve their purpose.


Once the treatment is complete, the areas of application and the intensity of the RF radio frequencies used are noted in your personal record. You are ready to schedule your next appointment in 10-15 days and return to daily activities.

Before treatment

It is recommended to drink plenty of water before RF treatment to ensure good tissue hydration.

Avoid sunbathing, solarium and anything that may irritate your skin before the treatment.

Some women become more sensitive to pain before and during their menstrual cycle, so you may need to take this into account when scheduling your appointment. 

After treatment

To relieve any redness of the skin, you can apply a moisturizing, cooling cream, or a cold compress to the treatment area.

Hydrate your body to help eliminate toxins through the lymphatic system.

Limit substances/foods that cause fluid retention, such as alcohol and salt.


Painless method

Immediately visible result

Short procedure without side effects

Steady result improvement with each session

Natural method of collagen strengthening, without foreign substances

Immediate return to daily activities

When is RF therapy appropriate?

Treatment of epidermal relaxation 

Enhancing volume and firmness

Reduction of points in the treatment area

Body contouring

Improving the appearance of cellulite

Improving the appearance of stretch marks

Fighting local fat on arms, abdomen, sides of the waist and legs

Thickening of the skin in areas such as the neck, décolleté and arms

Skin smoothing and treatment of edema from liposuction

A multitasking treatment for every need of the body
Perceptible improvement in the appearance of the skin from the 1st session!

Reinforcement of result with each repeated session

The effect of RF radiofrequency treatment is seen in two phases. There is the immediate effect you notice at the end of the session as the existing collagen fibers have been contracted and automatically make your skin look tighter and rejuvenated. But there is also the long-term effect of stimulating the production of fresh collagen. This effect takes a few weeks to be seen, until collagen formation is complete and dramatically changes the texture, density and tone of your skin. In addition, at the level of lipolysis, a period of about 3 months is required for the body to eliminate excess fat cells and to see the reduction of points in the treatment area. 

The duration of the effect depends on the initial condition of the skin and the purpose of the treatment. In general, the effect is maximized about 4-6 months after the last RF treatment and lasts about 2 years in terms of skin rejuvenation. As far as the fight against local obesity is concerned, the result is permanent provided that your body weight is maintained at normal levels.



RF therapy does not improve cellulite.


The Accent radio frequency device has received the European CE certification for cellulite reduction since 2005. Thanks to monopolar radio frequencies, it allows the controlled penetration of thermal energy into the deeper layers of the skin where it treats the causes of cellulite with three main mechanisms: 1) reconstructs the existing collagen fibers and stimulates collagenogenesis offering better skin support, 2) increases blood circulation in the treatment area and favors the drainage of toxins through the lymphatic system, and 3) breaks down fatty acids and favors the elimination of fat cells resulting in the decompression of the tissues of the area.


RF therapy is slimming.


The fat reduction achieved with radio frequency therapy cannot replace the important duo of healthy diet and exercise and will not make a significant difference to your body weight. RF therapy is not a slimming method, but rather a way of dealing with local obesity due to hereditary, hormonal or other factors, with the aim of restoring the proportions in the body shape. Therefore, the treatment is aimed at people of normal weight who have local fat deposits.

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