Plasma Pen

How does the plasma pen method work?

It is a portable device that uses a region of the electromagnetic spectrum of a method called plasma. Without touching the patient’s skin, by holding the tip of the device at a very close distance, a potential difference is created between the device and the skin and an electrical arc similar to a spark is produced. Each of these spots sublimates the surface layers of the skin, without affecting the deeper ones and without creating scars. This causes sublimation which in turn shrinks loose skin and tightens wrinkles.

In which cases is the Plasma pen applied?

• On drooping eyelids or eyebrows
• In relaxation and ‘bags’ around the eyes
• In relaxing the face and reshaping the oval (contour)
• On scars from acne or trauma
• On spots from the sun or from age
• In wrinkles all over the face, lips, neck and décolleté
• On aging hands
• On loose areas of skin on the body

What ages is it aimed at?

This technological innovation applies to everyone regardless of age. 

Duration of effect: 3-5 years

Pain level: No pain

Session Cost:

Visible results: Immediate/30%-40% of the final result from the very first session

Anesthesia: Topical anesthetic ointment

Recovery time: 5 to 8 days with mild irritation

What are the risks?

Histological studies have shown that the sublimation technique applied by the plasma pen does not affect the deeper tissues, resulting in no side effects and complications.

What are the advantages of the plasma pen for drooping eyelids in relation to the classic blepharoplasty (surgery)?

No incisions are made

No extra skin or fat is removed

The eyelid muscles are not modified

Hospitalization and hospital expenses are not required

It is more economical


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