Nano Fat Grafting

nano fat grafting is a method based on the fact that adipose tissue contains an increased number of adult stem cells. With the special treatment to which the transferred fat is subjected, the stem cells can be placed in the desired areas of the skin, in order to mobilize the regeneration and regeneration mechanisms. It is an innovative biological treatment that belongs to the category of those treatments based on the promotion and mobilization of the body’s own forces. The presence of adult stem cells has been proven to contribute to the overall reconstruction of the skin and the method is applicable to a multitude of conditions such as fine wrinkles on the face and neck but also around the mouth, wrinkling of the décolletage and rejuvenation of the hands, dark circles in the eyes, acne scars coc. 


The whole procedure is done in a non-traumatic way and simple local anesthesia.

  • Taking and processing adipose tissue in order to transfer adult stem cells to areas we want to rejuvenate and regenerate.
  • The procedure can be combined with classical fat cell transfer (macro or mini fat grafting) if we wish to simultaneously increase the volume of an area.
  • The results of Nanofat grafting appear between 4 weeks and 3 months.
  • The application is done using a local anesthetic cream.
  • In most cases there is a slight swelling or edema which subsides after 2 days and in most cases the patient returns to his daily activities the next day.


  • Thin wrinkles on the face, neck and décolleté
  • Acne scars
  • Skin regeneration

In which areas it applies 

FACE: correction of dark circles and lack of volume under the eyes as well as reduction of nasolabial wrinkles, increase of cheekbones, temple, upper and lower lip volume. What the patient appreciates from the very first hour is not only the volumetric change but also the youthful appearance, texture, glow of the face, in the amount of stem cells contained in the fat.

HANDS: aged dorsal surface of the hand due to the loss of collagen and lack of thickness of the skin, is rejuvenated and truly renewed with fat injections on the dorsal surface of the hand. And here the operation is performed in the Clinic, there is a slight swelling which subsides in 2-3 days.

Large fat injections for buttock augmentation as well as breast augmentation are performed in a clinic.

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