Fractional Laser is an advanced type of Laser, which restores the youthfulness of the face. With his technique, the outer and most damaged layer of the skin is removed, automatically leading the deeper layers of the skin to develop a new skin with increased amounts of collagen, while at the same time it helps to get rid of acne scars and signs of photoaging.

The ability to adjust the Laser to the appropriate intensity according to the type and needs of each skin, makes it a clearly more targeted and effective antiaging treatment.

How does laser skin resurfacing work?

The Fractional Laser produces high-power energy, which penetrates the skin and is immediately absorbed by the water molecules that are the basic component of tissues. This causes controlled sublimation of the epidermal cells and simultaneous thermal injury of the dermis (dermis) cells. In this way, the skin’s natural healing mechanism is stimulated and the intensive production of fresh collagen is stimulated.

The great advantage of Fractional Laser is that it leaves behind healthy tissue and thus healing is faster. It achieves this by having the ability to break its beam of energy into smaller beams. Thus, in each session, only some parts of the skin are injured, while the neighboring parts remain intact and healthy. Immediately after the treatment, healthy cells move to the injured areas and stimulate their rapid healing.

general information

  • Treatment Time: 25 minutes. Usually 4-6 sessions are required, which take place every 20 days
  • Duration of Result: For years
  • Pain Level : No pain
  • When the result is visible: In 2 weeks
  • Technique: Bloodless
  • Anesthesia: Local application of anesthetic cream
    Recovery time: There is mild redness and swelling for 1-2 days



Before the start of the treatment, there is a local application of anesthetic cream so that the energy of the Laser is completely tolerated and you are given protective glasses for the eyes. The skin is then thoroughly cleansed to remove residual oil, bacteria and make-up.


The action of the Laser is adjusted according to your skin type and the purpose of the treatment. Once all the necessary settings are made, the skin scan begins. It is possible to feel a slight burning sensation at the time of application, but it is completely tolerable.


Once the skin scan is complete, your protective glasses are removed and moisturizing and regenerating cream (baume) is applied to the entire treatment area.

Before treatment

If you have started applying hydroquinone lotion before the treatment, you must stop it 3 days before the treatment.
If you smoke, it is recommended that you stop smoking for two weeks before the treatment to help the skin heal faster immediately after.

After treatment

To soothe irritation and swelling in the first few days, you can apply cold compresses to the treatment area.

During the first 3 days, it is recommended to apply a regenerating cream daily.

After 3 days of treatment, application of hydroquinone lotion is needed for 15 days to suppress melanocyte function.

It is necessary to use a sunscreen cream with a protection index of 30 and above.

For your makeup, oil-free products are recommended after the Laser.

What does it offer? The fractional laser?

Tighter and firmer
skin immediately after treatment

Gives a youthful glow
After about a week or two, get ready to shine! The Fractional Laser removes the outer layer of skin that is damaged and consists of many dead cells, revealing fresh, glowing skin.

Reduces wrinkles
Fractional Laser has been estimated to reduce the appearance of wrinkles by 50-90%. Depending on the intensity of the treatment, it has the ability to act both on fine lines of expression and on deeper folds, while significantly improving the texture of the skin.

Shrinks dilated pores
As the Laser removes the outer layer of skin and allows new, fresh skin to emerge, it significantly improves the appearance of enlarged pores that are primarily found on the surface of the skin.

Tightens loose skin
Thanks to intensive collagen stimulation, Fractional Laser restores skin firmness and achieves tissue tightening and lifting, thus giving a more youthful facial contour.

Improves acne scars
Unlike other acne scar treatments, Fractional Laser can dramatically improve their appearance in just a few sessions (1 to 3) with minimal side effects.

Treats the signs of photoaging
Thanks to the ability to adjust the depth of action of its beam, the Fractional Laser is an ideal treatment for brown spots and other signs of photoaging.

When is the effect of Fractional Laser visible and how long does it last?

Immediately after the treatment, the skin already looks tighter and firmer. But you need to wait about a week for the peeling process to be completed, so that the outer dull skin that has many dead and old cells is removed, so that the new, fresh skin can start to emerge. Thanks to the stimulation of the production of fresh collagen, the result is expected to improve even more in the coming weeks and to naturally strengthen even more with the following sessions. The Laser effect is maximized at 6 months and can last up to 5 years.

Myths & Truths


All Fractional Lasers are the same.


The two main types of Fractional Laser used for Laser Skin Resurfacing treatment are CO2 and Erbium, which belong to the category of ablative Lasers. This means that they have the ability to sublimate the outer layer of the skin, causing it to peel off and then new skin to emerge.


Fractional Laser is for facial treatments only.


Fractional Laser can be applied with the same safety to the body. It is most commonly applied to the neck and décolleté area, but also to other areas where the skin shows signs of photoaging (spots and freckles), such as the hands and shoulder blades. It works in exactly the same way, causing a gentle exfoliation (also known as Laser Peeling) that improves the appearance, texture and color of the skin.


Το Fractional Laser είναι μόνο για ανοιχτόχρωμα δέρματα.


Το Fractional Laser Erbium είναι κατάλληλο ακόμα και για τα πιο σκουρόχρωμα δέρματα, καθώς εκπέμπει σε πιο ήπιο μήκος κύματος σε σχέση με άλλα Fractional Lasers, όπως για παράδειγμα το CO2. Επιτρέπει στον γιατρό να αφαιρεί στιβάδα-στιβάδα το ταλαιπωρημένο και θαμπό δέρμα. Επιπλέον, προκαλεί λιγότερη ερυθρότητα και οίδημα μετά τη θεραπεία και επιτρέπει ταχύτερη επούλωση.


As I get older, I will need more frequent treatments.


No. After 3-4 treatments, the interval between treatments is increased, as the movements of the muscles that cause the wrinkles have been reduced. In addition, despite the fact that the skin ages as it grows, BTX treatments also work preventively in terms of the formation of new wrinkles, since they minimize the muscle contractions that cause them.

With which laser is the treatment performed?

There are different types of Fractional Laser. At the Health Laser Clinic, Fractional aser CO2 is used.

It hurts;

No. Before starting the application, local anesthetic cream is applied to the treatment area so that the application of the Laser is completely tolerated. As the energy of the Fractional Laser is very well absorbed by the water molecules of the tissues, the outer layer of the skin is immediately sublimated. The thickness of the skin is reduced by only a few millionths of a meter (microns) with each pass of the Laser.

Is there a recovery time?

Redness and peeling is observed in the treatment area for a few days. It is important to know that the energy of the Laser targets specific microscopic points of the skin, leaving the surrounding tissues intact. The points that are injured, have a diameter as small as a hair, tiny injured points and stimulate their immediate healing. The healing process takes about a week, but the redness of the face does not last more than 2-3 days and in no case does it cause any severe discomfort. About 5-7 days after the treatment, peeling of the skin is observed, as if you had a chemical peel. It’s the time when damaged skin peels away to make way for fresh, glowing skin.

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