This is the micro-needling technology, with which multiple needles vertically “penetrate” the skin, creating tiny holes and stimulating natural collagen production. At the same time, the products of any treatment penetrate to the fibroblasts and better feed the cells of the dermis and the basal layer of the skin. The result is satisfactory and quickly apparent, especially in terms of tightening. Ideal method for stretch marks, scars and acne scars.


Dermapen is the original and most widespread microneedling system. This treatment takes advantage of the skin’s natural healing mechanism, as it performs controlled micro-injuries in its upper layers, thus stimulating the production of fresh collagen and elastin.

Dermapen 4 is the fourth generation of this revolutionary technology offering full antiaging action while treating acne scars, melasma, discoloration, blemishes, enlarged pores, stretch marks and more!

general information

  • Frequency: From 3 to 6 sessions, every 15 days, depending on the case.
  • Duration: 40 minutes (indicative time, depending on the extent of the area to be treated)
  • Pain Level: No pain
  • When the result is visible: in 24 hours
  • Anesthesia: Local
  • Recovery time: Zero, immediate return to your activities.

Before treatment

For the best preparation, it is recommended to use cosmetic products with vitamin A and C.

Avoid anti-coagulant medications or dietary supplements for several days before treatment to minimize the chance of skin bruising.

After treatment

Wash your face normally and take a bath from the very first day after the treatment.
To cover possible redness, it is recommended to apply a concealing make-up with cooling ingredients and sun protection index.

If you experience redness, you can relieve it by topically applying a cold compress with water or chamomile.

Before exposure to the sun, you must wear sun protection.

Avoid drinking alcohol, vigorous exercise and sauna for three days, as they increase blood flow and slow down the redness.

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