Butt Lift (BBL)

Brazilian Butt Lift

The operation that will improve the overall image of your body and give you the buttocks of Brazilian beauties, taking fat from where it is left over.

One of the most popular plastic surgery procedures today, the Brazilian Butt Lift proves that Brazilian genes aren’t the only way to turn heads and turn heads. For buttocks that stand up to any occasion and perfectly highlight your overall silhouette, which will now present the ideal inverted “S” shape between the chest, waist and buttocks, you don’t need luck and effort, but the appropriate invasive technique.

The initials

Popularly known as BBL, the Brazilian Butt Lift technique, which in our country is normally called buttock augmentation and lifting, is an operation that promises to increase the size of the buttocks in the right way and in the right places, as well as ideally in relation to each their body projection. It was named so, as Brazilian beauties are famous more than anything else for their toned, full and erect buttocks, which throughout time in Brazil were considered a symbol of femininity as well as fertility.

Throughout history, many cultures have “worshipped” an open pelvis and round buttocks as the preeminent characteristic of female attractiveness and charm. But Brazilians in particular are considered to have the ideal proportions of the buttocks, and that is why they gave their name to this innovative technique, which has become particularly well-known and popular in recent years, thanks to the celebrities of the USA – with the most typical example being Kim Kardashian – who supported the whole their image and success in their full curves. And let’s not forget stars like Jennifer Lopez, who once insured her buttocks for $1 million.

The success

The huge demand and appeal of this operation at the global level, apart from its very impressive results, is due to another factor. This operation allows, as the well-known saying goes, to kill “two birds with one stone”, as well as we get the round shaped buttocks we want and at the same time we get rid of the local fat that plagues us in parts of our body where we don’t want it to exist. How is this possible? It’s very simple: the material used to increase our buttocks is our own fat.

The material

BBL is an invasive procedure of plastic surgery, which requires delicate manipulations, not so much in the extraction, as in the introduction of the fat, in order to ensure the most ideal result for each different body. Augmentation can be done – and was done especially in the past – with other materials, such as silicone inserts and fillers. Today, however, the use of autologous fat has prevailed and is preferred by the medical community.

The reasons are varied. On the one hand, autologous fat is a material that comes from the patient’s own body, so its use eliminates the risk of rejection by the body or an allergic reaction to it. Also, the inserts had the risk of moving from the place of their placement and getting infected, while fillers, although ideal for enhancing the volume in other parts of the body, and especially the face, are not so suitable for the area in question. Thus, today, buttock augmentation with autologous fat is considered the No. 1 option.

The technique

The process is quite simple. First, the plastic surgeon plans the operation in detail, after a discussion with the patient and a study of the specific body type he is called upon to handle. Depending on the body of each woman and the fat she has, the planning of the operation is adjusted.

The plastic surgeon, through specific measurements, is the one who will advise us on the degree of increase and the formation of the buttocks, so that the result is ideal for our own body. Then the doctor will remove the excess fat from those areas with special non-traumatic cannulas. The abdominal area, inner thighs and waist “grabs” are usually preferred, as these are the areas with fat rich in stem cells, a factor important for the viability of the fat in its new location.

The liposuction method and device used to remove the fat usually uses some energy source that helps to liquefy the fat, before its removal, so that the whole process is as non-traumatic as possible and at the same time ensures some tightening in the area so that there is no sagging where the fat will be removed. One such method of liposuction is Vaser Lipo, which with the power of ultrasound liquefies the locally accumulated fat and thus its suction becomes extremely easy, it can be carried out through even thinner cannulas, and therefore through even smaller incisions – of the order of 2mm-, and at the same time offers tightening in the removal area. This is because the energy released by the ultrasound to liquefy the fat is converted into heat and this results in the activation of fibroblasts to form new collagen. Thus, in addition to non-traumatic removal of fat, skin tightening is also achieved.

Another advantage of this technique is that the extremely thin cannulas of the system give the surgeon the possibility to simultaneously sculpt the area from where he removes the fat, even creating lines in places such as the abdomen. So after the doctor has collected the fat and subjected it to the appropriate treatment for its purification, then at the same time, he is able to re-introduce it to the buttocks area for augmentation.

It is important that the doctor is specialized in the surgery in question, as the way the fat will be inserted into the buttock plays a huge role in the final and long-term result. The augmentation must be done in such a way that each buttock is formed with perfect projection and the augmentation is uniform and perfectly sculpted. The insertion of the fat should not be done too close and under no circumstances inside the muscle, but superficially and in layers, in order to achieve the absolutely perfect result: full and round buttocks, with an ideal projection and a natural effect, without pits, gaps and mounds , asymmetries and unevenness of any kind.

The result

As long as the plastic surgeon knows this technique well and is a keen connoisseur of the ideal proportions of the female body, the result is extremely impressive. In addition to the buttocks appearing perfectly formed, perfectly rounded and with excellent projection, the whole body changes, as the waist automatically appears slimmer, the chest is instantly better projected and the body as a whole acquires the ideal upside down “S” image, all of which we dream The results are visible immediately after the operation, but the final result is fully achieved approximately 8-10 weeks after the surgery.

Important elements

  • The operation is performed in an organized clinic with general or local anesthesia combined with intoxication and the stay in the hospital does not exceed a few hours.
  • After the operation you will need to wear an elastic corset for about 4 weeks.
  • You should avoid putting pressure on the fat injection area for at least 2 weeks after surgery, which means you will not be able to sit or lie on your back, but you will have to sleep on your back during this time.
  • A part of the fat, around 40%, will be absorbed in the first months after the surgery, when the final result will become apparent, which is permanent.
  • The operation carries risks in the hands of an unskilled surgeon, as the injection of fat into the muscle can have significant effects on our health.
  • It is extremely important to reverently follow the post-operative instructions we will receive from the plastic surgeon, both for our optimal recovery and to ensure the ideal result.
  • Extremely thin women are not candidates for this surgery, as a sufficient amount of fat is required for a beautiful result.
  • Excesses are not a desirable way to approach our body and our doctor is the right person to direct us on the ideal changes that our body can support.
  • BBL can be performed in combination with other plastic surgery procedures, such as abdominoplasty.

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