Facelift: Which Greek women choose it and when do they do it

 What is the motivation for labiaplasty, what are the ages of the interested Greek women who want a total make over in the sensitive area and how do their partners react to the operation which is no longer considered taboo

Vaginoplasty as an operation has existed in the field of plastic surgery for several years, but due to the peculiarity of the applied area there is a shyness, a taboo about this issue. However, over the years, the operation is increasingly decriminalized and is part of the life of the modern Greek woman. In general, vulvoplasties in modern society have a fairly large part, and as time goes by, the operation is increasingly included in the aesthetic concerns of women.

The misgivings of women

There are concerns regarding the area and consequently the communication with the doctor. The patient may feel some reluctance to refer to this specific issue, so what is observed today is that there is a decrease in reluctance because there is more information regarding this part of plastic surgery operations.

Taboo topic

Liposuction was a taboo subject and many times still is a taboo subject, of course this is changing over time. In general, there is an absolution towards the human body, the freer a person feels, the more friendly they feel with the body and deal with areas that are traditionally considered taboo. The taboo is overcome over the years, this skepticism towards this process gradually recedes as a result of which we deal aesthetically with this area as well. Of course, the issue regarding vulvoplasties is not only aesthetic, many times it is functional, many anatomical malformations which require surgery, cause problems and degrade the everyday life of women, that is why many times a vulvoplasty is not only an aesthetic operation, it is purely restorative operation and creates better conditions for a woman.

The role of the partner in the woman’s desire to intervene in the sensitive area

In this case, the factor of health that exists in the relationship of the two partners enters. There must clearly be a proper communication of the entire operation, we must explain to the partner what the goals of the operation are, what is the expediency, especially when there is a functional issue that causes problems in the woman’s daily life, such as pain in the area or infections and more general discomfort . It must be understood by the husband that these interventions work liberatingly towards the woman, improve her quality of life, and ultimately improve the quality of his own life and the relationship he has with his partner.

In fact, many times the patient chooses the shape of the vulva she wants, as far as possible – many women come to the clinic with photos of their vulva asking for the same result, but this is not always possible.

Which Greek women choose the operation

Vaginoplasty can be done by a woman because the functional problem of the external genitalia can be experienced regardless of age and social status and regardless of social stratification. However, most women who undergo vulvoplasty are between the ages of 25 and 45.

The malformations treated can be varied and the problems they create are multidimensional. The problem that the inner lips of the vulva can create for a woman can cause unbearable pain, as a result of which she cannot put on pants, cannot sit in a chair, or the anatomical structures create various crypts and cause infections in the wider area , either in the vagina or in the genitourinary system.

It is important to point out that just as women are interested in their wider image as a sign of dignity and self-respect, so in the genital area they must show the same attention and face without taboo any problems that disturb them aesthetically and create various psychological problems, resorting to plastic surgeon for the restoration to health of a deformity. In this situation there should not be any taboo because it is our body, we must love our body in all its parts. We must not be possessed by misgivings that may degrade our health, mental or physical and avoid entering into a discussion or a possible operation that will improve our health, the relationship with the other card and life in general us.

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