R/F New Face Radio Frequencies

For face tightening and face contouring 

RF radiofrequency treatment is a “2 in 1” method, as it effectively treats two main aesthetic issues: epidermal sagging and localized thickness around the cheeks and under the chin. It is an enjoyable but at the same time very active method, which is perceived as a warm massage, but in reality its action reaches the deeper layers of the skin, exactly where the result is judged. It immediately offers a rejuvenated look and as the sessions progress, gives a visible facelift, thus steadily climbing the list of favorite antiaging treatments and claiming to be the new non-injectable Botox!

Treatment Time: 20-25 minutes. Usually 4-6 sessions are required, which are done every 10 days
Duration of Result: Up to 2 years
Pain Level: No pain
When the result is visible: Immediately and perfected at the end of the sessions
Recovery Time: Zero, immediate return to your activities

The treatment is applied by specialized medical personnel and with certified medical materials. Approved by the European & American Drug Agency

RF New Face is the treatment that claims to be the new Botox.

Enjoy the pleasant experience too. The RF New Face and gain the Youth and firmness of your face.

What is RF therapy?

RF radiofrequency treatment is a non-invasive treatment that effectively treats skin laxity by working on the body’s natural collagen, which determines the appearance of the skin and the firmness of the face. Thanks to a special technology, it releases thermal energy in the deeper layers of the skin, exactly where the collagen fibers are, and raises the temperature to 41-43°C, resulting in their immediate contraction and, by extension, the tightening of the skin. Skin immediately looks fresher and brighter. At the same time, the action of radio frequencies also has a long-term benefit, as the same heat stimulates the production of new collagen, which significantly improves the elasticity of the skin and gives a more firm and rejuvenated look to the face. In addition, RF radio frequencies enhance blood and lymphatic circulation in the area, thus addressing dull skin tone, and have the ability to destroy fat cells, thus addressing localized fat issues such as a double chin. It is a valuable treatment that acts on many levels and thus offers a comprehensive lifting effect.

How is RF therapy applied?

The treatment is applied with the special advanced technology Accent device, which makes gentle passes over the skin as if performing a delightful massage. But in reality, it raises the temperature in the dermis and subcutaneous tissue in a completely targeted way, without naturally causing any damage to the skin. A great advantage of the Accent radio frequency device is that it combines unipolar and bipolar radio frequencies, thus achieving tightening and lipolysis in the same treatment.

With monopolar radio frequencies, it has the ability to act at a depth of 20 millimeters, where the adipose tissue is located, and through heat cause the adipose membrane of the adipocytes to break down, resulting in the fat being released, collected by the lymphatic system and to be eliminated through the liver. With bipolar radio frequencies, on the contrary, it acts more superficially on the dermis and subcutaneous tissue (depth 2-6 mm), causing the contraction of collagen fibers and the stimulation of collagenogenesis. In this way, lifting, tightening and improvement of the outline (face contouring) is achieved.



The skin is carefully cleansed to remove all traces of oil and make-up. The face is divided into anatomical zones so that each area can be treated in turn. The appropriate head is selected and adjusted to the device and a special cream is applied to the treatment points, so that the head slides easily on the skin.


The energy in the device is adjusted according to your skin type and needs, and repeated passes of the head over the treatment area are made in circular or zigzag movements.


Throughout the treatment, the temperature of the area is measured with a special thermometer. The desired temperature is 41-43oC and is achieved by constant passes of the head over the same points. It takes 2-3 minutes of application on each zone of the face to reach the ideal temperature, which is important to keep constant for 2-3 minutes for the treatment to be effective.


At the end of the session, the zones where the treatment was applied are marked in your file and you reschedule your next appointment after about 10-15 days. For the face, neck and décolleté area, 4 to 6 sessions are usually sufficient.

Before treatment

In the treatment area, dermal fillers, such as collagen implants, should not have been previously applied.

Avoid anything that may irritate your skin immediately before the treatment. This includes sunbathing, as well as artificial tanning (solarium).

After treatment

There is no restriction on applying makeup after the treatment.

To relieve any redness, it is recommended to apply a moisturizing cream or a cold compress.

It is recommended to drink enough fluids to eliminate toxins.

Sun exposure is allowed, but with the use of the necessary sun protection.

The benefits of treatment

Painless method 

Immediately visible result

Natural method of collagen strengthening, without foreign substances

Short procedure without side effects

Immediate return to daily activities

Affordable cost

Firming, lipolysis and
face contouring at the same time!

What does the treatment offer? RF?

Eyebrow lifting and forehead skin tightening 

Thickening of the skin under the eyes and smoothing of fine wrinkles

Lifting of drooping cheekbones

Reduction of enlarged pores in the middle zone of the face

Skin tightening on the cheeks and around the jaw

Fighting double chin

Improvement of the oval contour of the face

Treatment of sagging and fine wrinkles on the neck and décolleté

Visible improvement from the very 1st session!

Immediately after the end of the treatment, the face looks more firm and rejuvenated. The contraction of the collagen fibers achieved by the thermal energy automatically makes the skin look tighter and brighter. The result steadily improves with each subsequent session, as the production of fresh collagen is stimulated and the thickness of the skin increases. Typically, the maximum effect is visible in 3-6 months, with 90% of patients reporting a noticeable improvement in the appearance and texture of the skin. The duration of the effect depends to some extent on the initial presence of collagen in the skin. In general, the effect lasts up to 2 years.

To maintain the result, it is enough to repeat a few sessions every year. The number depends on your age, but also the type, condition and thickness of your skin. The physician is the one who determines both the number of sessions needed to achieve the desired result, as well as the frequency of sessions to maintain the result or the possible combination of the RF treatment with other cosmetic treatments. Usually 1 RF session every 6 or 12 months is sufficient.



RF therapy works best on the face.


RF therapy is just as active and effective in the body. After all, it is no coincidence that most modern devices, like the Accent device of course, have separate heads for application to the face and body respectively, and also enable the doctor to determine the intensity and depth of action of the radio frequencies according to the area and the goal of treatment. As on the face, so on the body, radio frequencies can treat epidermal laxity, but also fight localized fat deposits in areas such as the arms, abdomen, buns and thighs. They are also used to smooth the skin after liposuction, to treat sagging in the abdominal area after childbirth, as well as to combat a great female “enemy”, cellulite. With the combined action of unipolar and bipolar radio frequencies, RF therapy can guarantee total body contouring.


Bipolar is better than unipolar RF.


A comprehensive radiofrequency treatment requires the application of both. More specifically, bipolar radio frequencies act more superficially on the skin and are suitable for tightening tissues, but also for passing over more sensitive areas of the face where the skin is thinner, such as the temple area. Bipolar radio frequencies work at a depth of 2-6 millimeters, causing the collagen fibers to contract and the tissues to tighten. In contrast, monopolar radio frequencies work at a depth of up to 20 millimeters. They have the ability to increase local metabolism, enhance blood flow and drain tissues of retained fluids through the lymphatic system, as well as dissolve fatty acids and cause through thermal energy the destruction of fat cells.

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